What is an “Online Personal Assistant”?

It’s a nicer way to say Virtual Assistant... I don’t really like the term Virtual, as I like to think of my job as quite real and do love the “human approach” that I want to keep.

Besides, if you are located in Switzerland, it would be a pleasure to meet you. I am in Canton de Vaud, Gland.

What is an Online Personal Assistant

So what is a Virtual/Online Personal Assistant exactly? It's your business support, I am here to help you. Personal Assistants are versatile individuals, who are asked to do an infinite number of tasks. We need to be flexible, efficient, fast workers and have the capacity of thinking outside the square. -> Hi that’s me!

Should you be building your business, I can create your logo, business cards, flyers, create your Instagram, Facebook, all this and much more by sticking to your budget!

If you need support to run your business, I am here for this too! I can help you with any administrative tasks, responding to clients, reservations, managing your agenda, calendar, emails.. You name it.

You might be a busy individual, with many travels to coordinate and arranging documents, let me handle this for you too.

Expanding your team you say? That’s a long and timely process. Allow me to do the dirty job for you, by drafting your job specs, scanning resumes, phone interviews. Let’s grow your team together.

In a nutshell I am your business support working remotely.

Contact me now to discuss your needs and how I can help you focus on what matters the most to you.

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