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Oh dear here it is again, that goal setting article. Heard it, saw it, done it but did you achieve them? 🤔

If not, why not? 

There aren’t any miracles but there are some tips and tricks to get on the right track. Consider what you want to achieve and then COMMIT to it. 

Think SMART - it is the way to go(al)!🤓


Be specific in what you want to achieve. Define the actual goals and set actual numbers and real deadline! 


Determin how you will track the progress.


Sure it should be challenging, but it still needs to be achievable. 😏

This step could potentially reveal any barriers and obstacles that may occur. 


Make sure it is Realistic and in line with your values! I mean let’s face it, your achievements should be well worthwhile your hard work! So let’s be real 😎


Every goals needs a target. 🎯 So setup an actual deadline. This will motivate and keep you disciplined. 

Contact me now so I can help you achieve those goals :)

Goal setting

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